Our Clients Come First

At Headquarters Benefit Solutions, we’re proud to provide employees with comprehensive benefits and health packages to support their overall well-being.

What we do

Company Profile

Headquarters Benefit Solutions (HQ) is an all-encompassing Third-Party Administrator (TPA) responsible for administering the lifecycle of group benefits, claims, and insurance for organizations and communities across Canada.

We offer a unique platform for managing employee benefits where we provide expert group benefits solutions and versatile claims and insurance handling management services to give our clients their most valuable resource back – time.

At HQ, we have access to a large network of brokers nationwide who deal with matters relating to life, disability, health, dental, and everything in between. This allows our clients to take advantage of a suite of customized solutions they can trust while lowering their overall administration expenses. We do this by consolidating and invoicing multiple brokers at cost, so we can pass the savings along to our clients.

As part of a larger insurance group ecosystem, our team has more than 80 dedicated professionals spread from Ontario to British Columbia, including members from TIPI Insurance Partners and Legacy Bowes. Together, we have the ability to leverage strategic partnerships across Canada to continuously deliver our clients industry-leading solutions.

Who We Are

About our Organization

Our Mission

To support the mental and physical well-being of our clients by earning their trust, lowering costs, and investing in their success.

Our Vision

To make insurance as simple and accessible as possible for all Canadians.

Our Values

To establish meaningful relationships with our clients and communities built upon honesty, integrity, and respect.


Virtual Healthcare & Mental Health Support

Speak with a dedicated healthcare specialist remotely at any time and any place.

Health & Wellness Program

Your health is our priority. Learn about your health status to support you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Substance Management Support

Receive emotional and physical guidance by speaking with a certified substance management professional to help you on your journey to recovery.

Pension & Benefits Plans

Prepare for retirement and protect your family with a defined pension and personalized benefits plan.

Employee & Family Assistant Program

Receive free and confidential assessments, counselling, and follow-up services if you’re experiencing personal or work-related problems.

Comfort & Peace of Mind

Relax, sit back, and access all of these programs and services on one user-friendly platform.

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